With this mel script, you will be able to animate growing branches or everything else you want.
This covers UV mapping, curve animation, twist...

feedbacks and requests are welcome !
par T le 01/02 à 20h01min
      Dear Kern,
I am quite excited to have found your lovely creation "KernExtrude"! I was wondering if you could put up a demo for the use of the new version you have up for download. I cant seem to get it to work at all. Or a brief walk-through on how to extrude some lovely twisting tubes! Im using maya 2012 mac.
Thanks so much for your help and great work, it is all very much appreciated in this vast maya world!

par KernAttila le 06/02 à 12h54min
       Dear Thomas,
I'm working on a new version on my spare time, I will make a quick walk-through when released (in about a week). It's much more simple to use and has some cool features !
Right now, when you have executed the script, just select the controller and play with the extra attributes, length tip twist taper.
Thank you for using it !

par Michael Fransolet le 14/08 à 15h12min
I have some mistakes with KernExtruder 1.3. Please, can I try version 1.8?
I can't find the download link for V1.8.

par KernAttila le 14/08 à 16h33min
      Hi Michael,
I will review the script tonight and provide a new link tomorrow. Just check back.
P.S: the process has changed, you now work with a profile curve instead of locators. They are replaced by controllers around the mesh at each controlVertex. I will provide an new video also.

par Toby le 12/02 à 02h33min
This script looks great, the download seems to give you version 1.3 though? which I can't seem to figure out how to use (its possible I am being very stupid!). could you just give a quick explanation of the work flow of v1.3? I tried looking at the script its self, but it didn't help me much :)

par KernAttila le 12/02 à 03h04min
      Hi Toby,
I've updated the link with the last version, wich is far more clear now.
Let me know if it's ok for you !

par yonni le 22/04 à 15h10min
      my friend!
The script has such a huge potential but there are few things that i just not able to do (in 1.3, 1.8 and even 2.0 versions):
1. UV mapping, i get streched uvs..
2. length attribute is missing..

Would really appreciate your help.
thank you