This script lists all cameras in your scene.
Features :

- Set active camera
- Automatic time range for each camera
- Delete/rename/select camera
- Create focus locator (in progress)
- 2D pan zoom control
- Near/far clip planes control
- Playblast window fits the size of your project
- Dockable window
- Time slider (+snap toggle)

feedbacks and requests are welcome !
par Johan le 29/03 à 09h28min
      Super, mais pourquoi ne plus utiliser le chemin "Images" sett? dans le projet ?
Les images se retrouvent d?sormais forc?ment dans le dossier proje.

par bry le 18/11 à 22h19min
      Hi, great tool, I work at a feature animation studio and we use something similar but more cumbersome, so I was looking at something like this for a personal project I'm working on.

I have a few suggestions that would, in my opinion, make it a much more powerful tool.

Here they go...

1. Add a Camera Settings tab where we can determine which kind of camera we're creating when pressing the create camera button, and instead of just using standard maya cameras, allow us to also import a custom camera rig from a file. Also, give us the option to add a prefix/suffix (shot name, etc) when creating those cameras. In this tab you could also have preference check boxes for whether to create a simple camera, or a camera+aim or a camera+aim+up.
Another thing I'd love to have was a way to filter the listed cameras. For instance, I'd like to be able to only display the cameras that contain "mycamera", and not all the cameras in the scene.

2. In the camera list, the start and end buttons could be just live text fields, having a button just makes it slower and more cumbersome, we should be able to enter the values right there, and if necessary press refresh once we're done.

3. Clipping planes: it would be useful to have a button in there that changes the clipping planes of all selected cameras at once.

4. Playblast Settings tab. We should be able to set all the playblast prefs in this tab.

5. Playblast button could be divided into two buttons: Playblast Shot and Playblast Selected Shots, this way we could set off a bunch of playblasts at once.

6. Create Camera and aim would then be just a Create Camera button, that would reflect the settings in the Camera Settings tab. Also, it would make more sense to have it on top, as the main tool. (and playblast on bottom)

As I said before, this is an awesome tool as it is, these suggestions would make it perfect for my own needs, and would probably make it a more powerful and complete tool.

Keep up the good work!

par KernAttila le 01/12 à 13h33min
      Hi !
Thanks for your feedback, I put your suggestions in the idea box, I'm currently re-factoring the script in python.
I'll let you know when it's done :)